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3 Things You May Not Know About Townhouses in Manila

Before the condominium boom, the local real estate market in Manila mainly comprised of apartments and townhouses. This was largely influenced by the steady population growth that the country experienced over the last few decades. Even today, this type of housing is still considered the most convenient option for families, especially those who are just starting out. The demand is still high for townhomes in the city, as evidenced by a wide selection of modern properties and contemporary developments populating major home listings. If you are interested in buying a townhome in Manila, below are some things you should know about city townhouses:
  • Townhomes are great because they offer the benefits of both a condominium unit and a single detached house. Like detached homes, you get to purchase the land on which the property stands, but don’t necessarily have to spend too much on miscellaneous dues, since very little common area is shared with other owners (unlike condo units). Townhouses are like condominiums in that they can be bought ready for moving in while offering similar amenities as condo establishments.
  • While there isn’t a definitive range of townhome prices across Manila, you can be certain that these are excellent property investments in every way. The best way you can be guided in your purchase is to work with a real estate broker specializing in these kinds of properties. This way, you can get sound advice not only about prime properties but also about snagging good mortgage agreements.
  • Finally, townhomes are usually located within gated communities or subdivisions, which makes them very secure. However, they may also be situated in non-gated villages, which may be less controlled. This said, Manila is a safe place to reside in, making it a great location to consider when seeking out a city townhouse for your growing family.