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Tips for sprucing up your home office

With many of us working from home or under a hybrid set-up, perhaps it is time to move away from working on your bed or dining table and finally find some space in your house that could serve as your office.

If you don’t have an extra room, maybe you have a large walk-in closet where you could place a desk. A walk-in closet may not have a window, but it’s peaceful and calm, which is good if you’re working. It’s up to you to make the space more suited to your professional needs. Another idea is turning a corner of your room into your work area. The area, ideally, would be near the window so you have natural light for all those Zoom meetings. You also need access to a power outlet for charging your computer and mobile phone.

Remember, it is best to draw a line between your personal and work lives, hence the need for an office space. 


Here are some ideas to spruce up your workspace at home:

- It’s best to have lightness and brightness. If there is no window, fake it with lights.
If you have no choice but to set up office in your bedroom, find a small writing desk to save some space. Accessorize with a framed photo or art and a nice pencil holder where you can place pens and pencils.
If your space is limited, think of shelves, rods with hooks, and wall systems for your office supplies and maybe a decor or two just to cheer things up.
- If there’s a white wall behind you, hang a statement painting or a beautiful print so it can be your background for online meetings.
Another option for a home office space would be the hallway between rooms. Just make sure it’s not a hallway where children run around during the day.
- Choose your chair well. Go for one that’s comfortable. If you don’t want to buy a new chair for this purpose, you can “borrow” a dining chair during the day.
If you’re stressing about other people in your house walking around while you’re in an online meeting, use a virtual background. There are many virtual backgrounds you can download and use for meetings.


If your WFH situation is now permanent and you’re thinking of moving to a new place because there’s no space in your current home, even for a small office space, contact the nearest RE/MAX office. RE/MAX agents can show you some listings suited for your current situation and requirements.

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