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Is condo living for you?

There are probably more high-rise condominiums being built in Metro Manila than there are houses. Despite the pandemic and the lockdowns that ensued because of it, prices of luxury condominiums in areas like BGC and Rockwell continue to rise. This is because many people would love to live in condos.

Indeed, there is something about condo living that’s very attractive. Imagine having the freedom to go on a long trip and just lock your doors and windows. If you live alone in a single-detached house, you wouldn’t be able to do this.

But is condo living or ownership for you? If you’ve never lived in a condo unit or owned one, the best thing to do is look for a real estate agent who can give you the lowdown on condo living and ownership and maybe even take you on model house or open house tours, virtual or offline.


An experienced RE/MAX agent can help you find the perfect listings and even assist you in sealing the deal. The advantage of going to a RE/MAX agent is that they can show you properties across different developments because the agents and franchisees have the flexibility to operate their businesses.  Founded in the US in 1973, RE/MAX has brought its expertise to the Philippines. RE/MAX Philippines offers professional service to sellers and buyers. RE/MAX goes beyond just buying and selling because its agents understand the market and how it works.

If you’re looking to buy or rent a condominium unit, here are some things to consider:

- Most developers in the Philippines offer freehold membership for condominium units. This means as the buyer and owner, you own the unit for life, and upon your death, you pass on ownership to your legal heirs. The other type of ownership is freehold ownership, where you own the unit for 25-30 years, depending on your agreement with the developer.

- What you will not own is the land the condominium stands on.
Living in a condominium usually entails paying monthly dues for payments of security personnel, maintenance of common areas and even electricity used in common areas.
- Condominiums have different rules governing pets with some don’t allow pets while some allow a limited number of pets but have certain rules about the sizes of pets you’re allowed to have.

- If you own a car, you might need to inquire about parking as parking for many condominiums is not free and varies depending on how many vehicles you own.
- If you plan to obtain a loan to purchase a condo unit, a RE/MAX agent can help you with this and other legalities and documents.

For more information about RE/MAX, visit their website at https://www.remax.ph/ and follow and like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/officialremaxph/ .

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