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5 things to consider when looking at a condo’s amenities

When buying a condominium unit, it’s good to be curious and ask questions. One important factor to consider is the number of amenities offered to homeowners.

Amenities are additional features of a property, which can include jogging paths, playgrounds for kids, function rooms, clubhouses, among others.

There are also in-house amenities, meaning those that can be found only in your unit, and usually, these can be found in luxury condominiums. They may include bathtubs, walk-in closets, and central air-conditioning units.


It’s always best to ask your real estate agent about the features and amenities offered by the developer.

RE/MAX, a global brand founded in the U.S. and present in more than a hundred countries and territories, is now in the Philippines and their agents are ready to answer your queries about properties and real estate.

RE/MAX goes beyond just buying and selling because the agents understand the market and how it works. They perform their job honestly, fairly, and with accountability. The agents will also give buyers access to RE/MAX's global listings of residential, commercial, and luxury properties.

So here are some things to look out for when it comes to condominium amenities, whether you’re making a purchase or just planning to rent a unit, according to RE/MAX Philippines:


Are the amenities too far away from the unit you’re eyeing?

Yes, having a gym is nice, but you might not have the energy to go there regularly if it’s some distance away from you. The same goes for swimming pools. If a swimming pool is an important consideration for you, you should look for a condo with one or more and make sure your unit is near the pool.


Ask your RE/MAX agent to give you a range of listings across different locations if you want a condo unit with access to a lot of amenities.

RE/MAX agents assist buyers in their real estate transactions in the best way possible so that you know what you’re getting into when making a big purchase. RE/MAX Philippines encourages buyers to ask questions and consider many properties before making a final decision.


Consider the developer’s reputation

One RE/MAX advantage is that the agents are not tied to one developer so you can consider different units by different developers. You can also compare the units with each other until you come to a final decision. Don’t be dazzled by promises of having too many amenities.


Ask your RE/MAX agent if the condominium is bike-friendly.

With more people riding bikes because of the pandemic, this is important. Factors to consider are parking for bikes and the existence of bike lanes.


Make a list of amenities that you can’t do without and take it from there

Having function rooms and a children’s daycare is nice, but you may also want to look at essentials like garbage disposal and lighting in common areas as these are very important.

For more information about RE/MAX, visit their website at
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