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RE/MAX Philippines Featured on ANC Business Outlook Segment

RE/MAX Philippines recently garnered attention on the ANC Business Outlook segment, where Miguel Naval, the Country Manager, discussed the positive developments in the Philippine real estate market and the critical role of professionalism in the industry.

Excellence in Service

RE/MAX brokers and agents are recognized among the top professionals globally, thanks to their high level of service. This was particularly evident at the R4 event, a prestigious worldwide gathering of around 5,000 real estate professionals. Naval emphasized that attending such events not only enhances agents' skills but also elevates the quality of service they provide. "High service levels help agents secure more business, close more deals, and ultimately assist more clients," Naval explained.

Standing Out in the Industry

Naval outlined what sets exceptional real estate brokers and agents apart: their expertise, passion for guiding clients, and deep understanding of market dynamics. He stressed that ethics and professionalism are essential, especially in the Philippines, where these qualities can significantly influence market movement. "Transparency builds trust, and when people feel safe, they are more comfortable making decisions," Naval noted. Filipino real estate professionals who have been recognized and awarded for their excellence in the recently concluded R4 in Las Vegas is a testament to their dedication and skill.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Naval also addressed the issue of unlicensed real estate agents, noting that many Filipinos resort to these individuals, leading to problems and misconceptions about the industry. He emphasized the importance of the Real Estate Service Act (RESA) Law, which mandates a four-year course for aspiring real estate professionals, ensuring they are well-prepared to serve clients and increase market trust.

Regulatory Oversight

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) plays a crucial role in ensuring accountability and leading through education. Filipinos often don't complain, which is why they don't get what they deserve, and checking Brokers' and Agents' PRC licenses online is essential to avoid scams.

Passion for Change

Naval expressed optimism for the future of the Philippine real estate industry, driven by passionate brokers at RE/MAX who are committed to changing the system and educating the public. He highlighted that adopting best practices from other countries, such as a focus on client welfare and transparency through documentation, can significantly improve the industry. "The biggest motivation for an agent should not be the commission but their service," Naval emphasized. "Transparency through documentation is ingrained in other countries, and it's a practice we are advocating for here."

Future Growth and Expansion

RE/MAX Philippines is set for growth, with plans to expand its offices and increase its team of 300 agents and 35 offices nationwide. Naval pointed out that the residential market, which RE/MAX primarily focuses on, is relatively crisis-proof and lifestyle-based, making it a resilient sector. RE/MAX Philippines' commitment to high standards of professionalism, continuous learning, and ethical practices positions it as a leader in the Philippine real estate market, poised to drive further growth and success in the industry.

Watch the full interview here:

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