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RE/MAX Portfolio: Continuing Excellence in Real Estate Service

RE/MAX Portfolio remains steadfast in its mission to deliver exceptional service and elevate the real estate industry in the Philippines. Jon Gancayco, Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Portfolio, along with his dedicated team, recently visited RE/MAX Philippines HQ to renew their affiliation with the brand for another five years.

A Commitment to Excellence

When asked about his decision to renew, Gancayco explained:

"My decision to renew my affiliation with RE/MAX stemmed from the profound integration of my professional identity with the brand, extending beyond real estate endeavors. This sentiment resonates with many of my agents who joined me due to their alignment with the brand's stature in the industry."

Gancayco has observed a significant increase in brand recognition over time, which has facilitated smoother interactions with fellow practitioners, clients, and partners. "Introducing myself as a representative of RE/MAX consistently commands immediate respect, bolstering my confidence and credibility," he noted.

Future Goals and Vision

Looking ahead, RE/MAX Portfolio aims to enhance its reputation and support infrastructure to attract like-minded professionals who share their core values. This includes elevating production levels from both the managing committee and the agents. Success in these endeavors will validate their operational efficacy compared to independent ventures, enabling further investment into growth initiatives.

Reflecting on the past five years, Gancayco shared:

"The past five years with RE/MAX Philippines have been characterized by a myriad of challenges typical of any start-up venture. Despite contending with the repercussions of the pandemic, our managing committee navigated through uncertainties, drawing upon our core values of SERVICE, PROFESSIONALISM, and GRIT. These values underpin our interactions with clients and prospective team members, fostering resilience and cohesion within our organization."

Looking Forward

With the renewal of RE/MAX Portfolio’s contract, many exciting developments are on the horizon. Although changes will not be immediate, the team aims to progressively enhance their support packages for both existing and prospective RE/MAX agents. Through diligent effort and strategic planning, they aspire to establish a superior support infrastructure designed to empower their agents for sustained success.

RE/MAX Portfolio’s unwavering commitment to excellence and professional growth continues to set a high standard in the Philippine real estate market, promising a bright future for its agents and clients alike.

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