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RE/MAX continues North Luzon expansion with Property Network opening as a second office in Pampanga

RE/MAX Philippines is rapidly expanding to provinces in the Philippines. This March 2023, we opened yet another door in the North Luzon market. Atty. Romela Eleria-Gases, the new RE/MAX Broker-Owner of Property Network, is a welcome addition to the RE/MAX family. She will contribute significant growth of agents delivering excellent service to home and property buyers.

Atty. Romela started her career in a Law Firm near a Pag-ibig branch, and most of her clients would approach her with legal advice concerning their properties. She shared with us how these experiences helped her gravitate towards real estate. She said:

“I was able to give legal consultations with property owners and real estate brokers or agents as well. I also became exposed to paper works or documentation about the sale and transfer of properties.  With this wide range of experience, I was hired as a legal counsel in selling raw lots, and this opportunity inspired me to become a real estate broker.”

She also shared with us how the pandemic became a blessing in disguise in helping her get her broker’s license by giving her time and also the learnings for her to continue to pursue the real estate industry.

She also shared with us how the pandemic became a blessing in disguise in helping her get her broker's license by giving her the time needed to study for the licensing exams and teaching her a lot about maximizing opportunities that come her way.

“In 2020, when the pandemic slowed down our lives, I decided to use my available time to study real estate, and fortunately, I graduated and passed the board exam. Since then, I always make sure to grab every opportunity that can widen my knowledge and network in real estate. For this cause, I joined a real estate organization and RE/MAX”

Atty. Romela also reiterated that she is always rooted in the values that she upholds growing up and it is what helped her succeed in everything that she does just like how the RE/MAX brand is rooted in the core values of Service, Excellence and Credibility.

“One of the values that my parents instilled in me is that no man is an island and that no matter how self-sufficient I am, I still need the help of others to survive. Also, I should be kind to everyone because it is something that we can freely give without losing anything. As I grow up, these simple phrases were able to help me to stay humble, grateful and kind to everyone. In line with my professions and business, these values serve as my stepping stones to have a good relationship with my employees, clients and a healthy workplace with a sense of purpose.” 

When asked why she decided to open up her own RE/MAX franchise, she said:

“I am aware that the extensive network and connections are significant factors in the growth of a real estate business which is why when I learned about the wide variety of properties and services that RE/MAX caters to its clients. I decided to buy my franchise to have a guide on making my brand or identity known to my target market.” 

RE/MAX Property Network plans to expand and develop team leaders focusing on the real estate business together with RE/MAX for the next five years, bringing greater value to its clients. This is another milestone for RE/MAX Philippines who continues to strive to widen its reach and service more customers not only in North Luzon but also all over the Philippines.


At present, RE/MAX is steadily expanding its presence in North Luzon and currently has offices in Baguio, Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales and Dagupan.

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