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RE/MAX Philippines' welcome RE/MAX Vita: A New Franchise That Will Focus On Selling Beach Properties

“ My goal for RE/MAX Vita is simple — to dominate the real estate industry in Zambales and be one of the leading brokerages in the Philippines specializing in shoreline (beach) properties. To achieve this goal, I plan to maximize the RE/MAX platform, grow my team, and expand to the next beach location.”

Big goals call for a big brand, and RE/MAX’ newest broker-owner Victor Vale knows that. Last October 12, 2022, RE/MAX Philippines welcomed the latest addition to our family, RE/MAX Vita, a franchise office that will specialize in beach properties in Zambales.

Victor has been a certified real estate broker since 2016, but it was not until the pandemic that he decided to pursue selling properties in Zambales. He said:

“ When the pandemic hit, I decided to escape the lockdown and fulfill my dream of moving to the beach. I chose Zambales due to its growing hip culture and proximity to Manila. Little did I know that beach real estate was about to boom as Manila residents started to look into moving out of the metro just like I did. I found myself in the right place at the right time.”

Seeing the massive potential in beach properties in Zambales convinced Vic to set up his brokerage, Vita Properties and the rest is history. Vic greatly credits his successes to the excellent service he made sure to provide his customers and the values he practiced while running his business. He said:

“Service and values play major roles in building my current client base of casual investors (direct users) and professional investors (land bankers). When I started practicing in Zambales, I learned that 95% of agents operating in the province are unlicensed/unaccredited lacking the proper training and knowledge. With the nature of provincial real estate being more prone to documentary issues and ownership claims, this created an industry littered with misinformation and generally bad service. This inspired me to take up the challenge of elevating the industry standard by setting an example while educating the local agents to foster a culture of proper practices based on the laws and regulations of our industry.”

Victor also shared why he decided to become part of the RE/MAX network.

“I have been following the work of good friends in the RE/MAX network for some time now and have been taking notes on how it is done on an international level of service — learnings that I’ve adopted in my own brokerage. But I eventually realized that organic growth actually takes time which led me to meeting Earl (RE/MAX HQ Business Development Manager) and Miguel (RE/MAX HQ Operations Manager) who were kind enough to entertain all my questions. I then realized that my vision is very much aligned with RE/MAX and buying a franchise could potentially fast-track my learning process and expand my network ten-fold.”

With RE/MAX Vita joining RE/MAX' team of talented real estate professionals driven by their values and excellent service to clients, the future is bright for the brand. RE/MAX Philippines is excited to work with RE/MAX Vita and is looking forward to its continued success!

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