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RE/MAX Choice joins RE/MAX Philippines South Luzon Offices: Plans to deliver excellent service in Laguna

RE/MAX Philippines is expanding its presence in South Luzon by opening a new franchise office. We are excited to share that RE/MAX Choice has joined our network, led by a dynamic mother and daughter team, Mylene Swarbrick and Lara Oana.

Mylene and Lara initially ran a family business that focused on bridge loans, handling everything from financing to mortgage arrangements with banks and HDMF, as well as title transfers. Mylene, who has 16 years of experience in bridge loans, gained expertise in both the financial and legal aspects of the business. Drawing from their experience and involvement in the real estate industry, they made the decision to expand into brokerage services, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution for all real estate needs.

When asked how giving excellent service helps their business they said:

"In both our personal lives and professions, we uphold our values of integrity, authenticity and competency. 

We believe excellent customer service is not merely transactional. It goes beyond the surface level of fulfilling basic needs or meeting expectations. Instead, it encompasses personal values and the genuine desire to serve, and to establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers founded on mutual trust and respect.

We offer our hearts and open ears. By actively engaging with every customer, we aim to recognize their individual backgrounds, challenges, aspirations, and gain a deeper understanding of their pain points. We want our customers to feel valued, heard and supported. This empathetic approach enables us to discern the services or solutions that will truly alleviate their concerns and address their specific needs."

They also emphasized that the decision partner with RE/MAX Philippines was an obvious and inevitable choice, rooted in the alignment of their personal values with those of RE/MAX. Given that they are already operating within the industry joining RE/MAX would allow them to expand their services and offerings across the entire value chain. 

Their vision is to establish their office as the premier centralized hub, providing a comprehensive range of real estate solutions, and joining RE/MAX enables them to accomplish precisely that.

Lara said “There were various compelling factors about RE/MAX that led to our "yes". Firstly, their comprehensive support from marketing, technology, and operations. Secondly, their established training and continuous learning. Lastly, their extensive network.  RE/MAX has given us access to a  robust framework and network of professional paired with the collaborative culture ensuring our growth and success.”

The synergy between our team and remax, make it our FIRST CHOICE for a platform and to leverage its resources and network to make a mark in the Philippine real estate industry and to provide excellent service to our customers.

In the next 5 years RE/MAX Choice is determined to achieve significant growth and make a strong impact. Their primary objective is to contribute to RE/MAX's collective ambition of gaining a larger portion of the Philippine real estate market. They are committed to continuously learning and utilizing the resources provided by the RE/MAX platform and network to enhance their services in the Philippine real estate sector. We are happy to welcome RE/MAX Choice as one of the flag bearers of delivering excellent service to customers in the Cabuyao area and looking forward to their growth.

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