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RE/MAX Grand Properties Is now Ready to Bring Quality Service In Pampanga

Congratulations to RE/MAX Grand Properties for successfully opening their office in Pampanga! Another achievement for Verna Guintu and Albert Guintu, Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Grand Properties, as they strive to create remarkable accomplishments in the future.

As an already established Real Estate Broker in the Philippines, Verna and Albert are determined to take their Real Estate Brokerage business to the next level with a team of talented Real Estate Professionals and the support of RE/MAX Philippines behind them. Their formal blessing opened the program immediately, setting a tone of blessed beginnings and success in the following years. RE/MAX Philippines Country Manager Miguel Naval was present during the event along with other Broker-Owners from other RE/MAX franchises in the North.

After the event, everyone was treated to a lunch by Verna and Albert,where everyone mingled and played with Brokers and Agents from other RE/MAX franchise offices. It was a moment to enjoy refreshments and food while connecting with other industry professionals.

RE/MAX Philippines is confident that RE/MAX Grand Properties excellent service will deliver. We are looking forward to their growth in the years to come.

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