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REMAX Prime's contract renewal opens the door to more empowered Real Estate Professionals ready to provide better client service.

RE/MAX continues to be the PRIME choice in real estate: We are pleased to announce that RE/MAX Prime HQ headed by Paolo Villavicencio has officially renewed their partnership with RE/MAX Philippines for another five years! 

When asked why they decided to renew their franchise, he said. 

"I decided to renew my franchise because of the many benefits of operating a RE/MAX business model, brand recognition, and strength of the global network. RE/MAX is a brand that many trusts and helps the business with agent recruitment and retention."

RE/MAX PRIME broker-owner Paolo Villavicencio and his team of real estate professionals have established themselves as a formidable force in the real estate market - and plan to keep it that way. In fact, they are eyeing to expand their offices for new agents aspiring to start their careers with RE/MAX PRIME.

He also emphasized agent training as part of their strategy at present. 

"Part of the expansion is to provide more training modules on schedule-basis to the agents, increase market presence in Metro Manila and increase agent count through recruitment." 

Paolo's commitment to his clients and their needs is evident in the culture he has created within his company—from training his team to understanding that each client is unique to instilling in them that they must provide a high level of service in order to build long-lasting relationships. Paolo's team has formulated their career goals around this core value, which continues to help their franchise grow into a successful operation.

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