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Teamwork and Triumph: Inside RE/MAX Philippines' Groundbreaking Team Lead Summit

On August 24, 2023, RE/MAX Philippines concluded the much-anticipated "Team Lead Summit" at the renowned Seda Hotel BGC. This collaborative event aimed to bring together leaders from within the organization, fostering an environment of both learning and mutual support.


The summit witnessed a gathering of accomplished real estate team leaders who, with their vast experience and remarkable insights, threw light on real-world leadership practices and team development techniques. Every conversation, every shared idea augmented an environment of authenticity, inherent to the fundamental ethos of RE/MAX.


Central to the success of the summit was the pivotal theme of collaboration and teamwork. This unified approach cultivated a spirit of camaraderie among the attendees, with each dialogue and discussion reinforcing the value of collective effort.


In essence, the RE/MAX Philippines Team Lead Summit was much more than an event – it is a platform promoting continuous learning and enhancing interpersonal bonds. With its friendly and authentic atmosphere, the summit offered a unique view into the heart of effective leadership, underlining the power of 'us' over 'I'. The summit underscored that at RE/MAX, everybody wins when we all play as a team.

Special thanks to our sponsors, who helped made the event possible, BPI Savings Bank, RHK Land and Genvi Development Corporation.

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