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THINKMAX BATCH 9: New graduates ready to transform Real Estate

Congratulations to Batch 9 THINKMAX Gradutes! You've triumphed through your training and earned our sincere congratulations. May the invaluable experiences with us steer your life's journey towards success, as witnessed by many of our previous participants.

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Our weeklong THINKMAX onboarding program empowers RE/MAX associates to fully utilize the brand, technology, and resources at their disposal.
Open to all associates, it offers Zoom and in-person classes, culminating with THINKMAX kits, a certificate, and a RE/MAX pin for those who complete
the five-day program.

We're grateful for your participation in this recent course and firmly believe in your potential to shine as success stories. Keep up the enthusiasm!

1. Debbie Obias  (Valor)

2. Cristina Morales  (8 Realty)

3. Lizelle Anne Caoyonan (Capital Alabang)

4. Marivic Mamauag (Capital)

5. Mary Diane Joyce Gamboa (8 Realty)

6. Christopher Rivero (Investment Partners)

7. Jing Laureano (Regent)

8. Maria Blenda Lao (Choice)

9. Andrew Valera 

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