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RE/MAX Philippines Sets Its Sights on Expanding to Key Growth Areas in Visayas and Mindanao

While RE/MAX Philippines continues its growth trajectory in Luzon, it is now setting its sights on expanding its presence in the vibrant real estate markets of Visayas and Mindanao. This September marks a significant step forward for the company as it embarks on a journey to connect with top brokers and local real estate boards in two crucial cities: Davao on September 21-22 (DAVAOREB) and Cebu (CEREB) on September 27-28.

The primary objective of these meetings is to introduce RE/MAX Philippines' agent-centric model to potential partners and professionals in the real estate industry. The company aims to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations who share their vision of making the real estate experience more professional and inclusive on a national scale.

In the words of Miguel Naval, Country Manager of RE/MAX Philippines, "We see so much potential in collaborating with like-minded professionals in these key cities. In the coming years, a big part of our growth and the growth of the industry as a whole will be contributed by Visayas and Mindanao."

RE/MAX Philippines' agent-centric model is centered on inclusivity and mutual success. It empowers all stakeholders to thrive in the real estate business. The company firmly believes that, with the right partners and professionals, it can make a real difference in these regions, ultimately leading to better service, people and businesses.

Miguel further emphasized, "We've seen our agent-centric model flourish and help offices scale, creating genuine sustainability in their businesses. We believe we can help the right people in these areas who believe in our vision and want to grow and professionalize their businesses with us."

In the Agent-Centric Model, agents are encouraged to take charge of their business while being supported by a robust global network. This model fosters an environment where agents can flourish and reach their full potential. As a result, our brokerages stand out from the competition, attracting top talent and delivering unmatched customer experiences.

For those interested in learning more about the agent-centric model and this unique opportunity reshaping the real estate landscape in the Philippines, you can catch our RE/MAX representatives on the following dates and locations.

September 21-22 (DAVAOREB) - JM Figurasin Business Development Manager I (+63) 9178064170 I jfigurasin@remax.ph

September 27-28 (CEREB) - Ina Custodio Business Development Consultant I (+63) 9178427391 I icustodio@remax.ph

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