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The reality of living with pets in a condo unit

So you’re lucky that the condominium unit you’ll live in accepts pets. But living with pets in a single-detached house is not the same as living with them in a condominium unit. In a single-detached house, the pets are free to run around in a bigger space. They can also go out anytime and run around.

Living in a smaller space could take some getting used to, both for pets and humans.

If you own cats, then they can use the kitty litter at home. It’s a different story for dogs. Toileting arrangements should be considered before moving in. An ideal community would be one with a park. As an owner, be responsible in picking and cleaning up after your dog.

Regular outings to the park aren’t just for toileting. They’re also for walking your dogs.

Also, remember that dogs need to forage for food, use their nose and chew so as the human, you need to make sure to fulfill these needs. Always make sure they have chew toys so they don’t chew on furniture and scratch doors, walls and closets. Also make sure you scatter pellets or treats around the house so your dogs won’t scratch floors and disturb your neighbors.

Cats may be low maintenance but they also need toys (they love cardboard boxes and paper bags) and scratching posts, which cats use for stretching and exercise. Scratching posts help cats sharpen their claws, relieve stress, and mark their territory. If they can’t do this on a scratcher, they will scratch you, your furniture, or even permanent fixtures in the unit.


Leaving your dogs and/or cats in your condo while you’re working or running errands is something you need to face and address. If you cannot leave the dog with anyone like a relative or friend, consider a dog-sitter who also lives in your condominium building. If you’ll just be gone for a couple of hours, it’s okay to put the dog in a cage that is large enough for its size. But if you’ll be away for longer than that, this will not do.

Cats can also be placed in comfortable cages if you’ll be gone for short periods of time. Otherwise, make other arrangements for them.

Make sure your dogs and cats have food and drink if you’re leaving them. Also consider leaving a window, which they cannot reach, slightly open for proper ventilation and so there’s fresh air circulating in the condo unit.


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