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RE/MAX Royal Joins RE/MAX Philippines to deliver excellent service in NCR

RE/MAX Philippines celebrates another significant milestone with the addition of RE/MAX Royal to its ever-expanding family.


Nadine and John Ziss, with diverse educational backgrounds and a profound understanding of various cultures, bring a wealth of experience to the real estate realm. Nadine's business-focused academic journey and tenure at a leading German real estate firm laid a robust foundation, complemented by John's upbringing in the Philippines, advanced business studies in Germany, and international business exposure in London, UK, providing a global perspective.


Their shared appreciation for the rich architectural heritage of Europe and the Philippines ignited distinct yet complementary interests. While Nadine was captivated by historical and modern designs, John found his calling in understanding the engineering aspects. This blend of aesthetic appreciation and technical insight, coupled with a shared passion for helping others find dream properties, naturally led them to a career in real estate.


Embarking on their industry journey at a renowned international brokerage firm in Manila, Philippines, their shared vision and expertise resulted in the establishment of their brokerage company in 2017. Founded on a deep understanding of diverse real estate markets and a commitment to client needs, their venture has consistently prospered, making significant strides in the field.


Rooted in their values and life philosophy, their dedication to exceptional customer service is unwavering. With a steadfast moral compass and a genuine passion for helping others, they seamlessly integrate these principles into their professional conduct. Their approach, characterized by integrity and diligence, reflects a commitment to making a meaningful impact in every interaction.


In explaining their decision to join RE/MAX, they shared, "Our choice to franchise with RE/MAX stems from a desire to elevate our already successful brokerage to new heights. We firmly believe that scaling our business internationally requires the robust model and systems that RE/MAX uniquely offers. This strategic move isn't just about growth; it's about aligning with a global leader whose innovative approaches and proven methodologies resonate with our vision of expanding horizons and redefining success in real estate. With RE/MAX, we're not just scaling up; we're gearing up for a transformative journey in the world of real estate."


Looking ahead, RE/MAX Royal's mission for the next five years is both ambitious and clear: to position itself as the undisputed industry leader in the country. With an unwavering commitment and a sharp focus on scaling, the RE/MAX office aims not only to achieve but to exceed these ambitious goals.


Their relentless pursuit of excellence, dedication to establishing new industry standards, and a combination of expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of the market signify more than leadership – they are preparing to redefine leadership in the real estate sector.

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